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What’s with Marketing Services?

"Throughout my professional experience, I realized that the strength of a perfect Marketing Strategy is the strength of its execution."

Chet's Marketing Service empowers businesses to build and grow relationships with their customers.

Strategies fail, not because it was not thought of well. But it fails because it was not properly executed.

People always talk about Execution Strategy and that it is part of the main strategy. Oh..come on, give them a break… I wonder why people consider execution like a railroad, which has got predefined directions, milestones, and stations.

I say execution is a partnership – together we achieve the Goals.

With this thought, I say execution is a service. Every execution is different from the rest, and that is how we enjoy the journey of marketing services. We always propose the best path forward, with options for other cost-effective journeys. And, we also know that the proposals discussed are just for trust-building, work scope, and budget finalization. While the actual work might be slightly different, that is where we enjoy improvisation and new challenges.

Chetan Agrawal

I have been serving clients on various Email Marketing platforms for over 3 years, while my overall experience in Marketing Services is over 18 years. During the last 12 months, I got certified by Mailchimp, Google, and others for my skills in Email & Digital Marketing. I help businesses get better conversion rates and more leads by optimizing their campaign strategies, creating data-driven A/B testing roadmaps, and building high-converting landing pages.

By understanding the business needs in terms of customer lifecycle management, I can suggest and implement the best path economical to your business. For example, there are so many independent apps that are used for Sales, Marketing, and CRM, and all these can be done together in HubSpot, but for many businesses, HubSpot becomes very expensive. So, I can suggest different options to each of Sales, Marketing, and CRM, and also integrate them all with integrators like Zapier.


Partner to: Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Moosend, Klaviyo and others.

Certifications Completed:

  1. Mailchimp Foundations Certification by Mailchimp

  2. Use Mailchimp to Build an E-mail Marketing Campaign - Authorized by Coursera Project Network

  3. Certification for Email Marketing - Sendinblue Academy

  4. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Google Digital Garage

Mailchimp Foundations Certified

"This partner is certified in Mailchimp Foundations.

This badge shows that Chet A. | Marketing Services completed our foundational certification and has a comprehensive knowledge of Mailchimp’s marketing platform." - Mailchimp Foundations

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