Refunds & Cancellations

Fees and Payment Terms

For Consulting work, there would be an advance fee applicable, not more than 50% of the agreed contract value. Unless otherwise stated, all Fees are paid in U.S. Dollars and received in INR at our end. We expressly reserve the right to change the Fees at any time, but during an active contract. In the event, you fail to pay any amount when due, the Service contract may immediately suspend or terminate itself.

Refund and Cancellations

Refunds of Consulting Fee or Service Charges are purely based on the contract Terms & Conditions and Scope of Work, and also dependent on the Services or Consultation given so far. Once a Refund value is agreed same, will be refunded in the best possible capacity within 7 business days, excluding any holidays impacting the business operations at our end or any of the entities handling the refund process or transactions.

All communications can be done at chetan at the rate dezyne-plus dot in.