Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 18, 2022

For each Service contract, we exchange some contact information and web access as per the requirements outlined in the Service contract. The purpose of such info received by you is only to facilitate the Service rendering to you. And, once the Service contract is over/ complete/ canceled/ expired, the same info is also purged at our end. The info collected is used only to make the Service delivery possible, and there is no other business or personal intent behind it. We strongly recommend you withdraw any access given to us, once the Service contract expires. If the access is left to us under the Annual Maintenance agreement, then it will be used as such.

We provide online and virtual services to companies across the globe, as an independent contractor and not as an employee of any bussiness or individual. We offer our expertise to the public, using the our own equipments and assets, and we retain the possibility of profit and loss. Write to chetan at the rate dezye-plus dot in for more details.