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The success of an Email Campaign depends on many variables, like system readiness, campaign goal, segmentation of subscribers, automation workflows, updated content to share with the subscriber, etc. As I've already mentioned, each project differs from another, as each business has additional requirements.

During this consultation session, I can help you funnel down what needs to be done with the Email Marketing approach to move on to the next level. Usually, I have seen businesses face numerous challenges, starting from the choice of Email System or its configuration Email Deliverability or low Campaign Response. For each of these, and many more, there are reasons behind it. I can support you with its identification and quantification.

Every strategy needs to have:-

a) Campaign Objective and the Metrics,

b) Target Audience,

c) SAAS Platform,

d) Content.

The perfect blend of the above makes a good strategy. Set up automation to free up some headspace. Build automated emails and Customer Journeys to stay connected with the subscribers; while focusing on other things. Once you build them, your automation lives forever.

Before the consultation

Here’s what I would need to know before we meet